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On June 14th I left/got kicked out of my parents home.
My parents are mentally/emotionally/verbally abusive, and I was having major panic attacks every day, sometimes more than once.

I have Autism and while it is a struggle at times, I have always paid for my horses by myself. Taken care of vet fees, done their feet myself to save money…

In January, 2014, my family and I moved to a farm. So since then I have been keeping my horses on my property.

Yesterday (July 14th) I had to leave. My horses are still there…

I have a place for my thoroughbred to go until I get back on my feet, I just need to find a way to trailer her there.

However, I still need to find a place to keep my Paint mare, Pippin. 

Full board averages between $400-475 here. I can’t do self board because I no longer have a car (I was using my moms…) and would not have a way to bring hay or grain to the barn.

I’m desperately trying to get my horses off the property as I fear my parents may do something drastic (i.e. give them away), and I’m asking for help…

I figure it’s going to cost anywhere from $100-$150 to trailer Shylo, my Thoroughbred, to Victoria to the place where she’ll be staying.

I’ve set my “goal” at $550 because that will supply the $400-475 for Pippins board, and also put some (if not pay for in entiriety) for Shylo’s trailering.

Any bit helps! I hate doing this, but I know without my horse(s) my mental health will seriously decline.
After this first month I’ll be able to pay for my horses again no problem, it’s just a matter of finding a place to rent, finding a place to board, and getting everything in place and getting horses settled in. My horses are first and foremost.

Huge thanks to anyone who donates! Every cent helps!!! I will be sending out little doodles of peoples horses for every donation! Just PM me and let me know you donated and I’ll get it done as soon as possible!!!

Here’s the link:

I’d really appreciate signal boosts. This hurts my pride doing this, but I’d rather have no pride and still have my horses. 

Hey guys, this is my friend Alex. I was visiting her place the past couple days, and was there while two arguments went down yesterday, the last of which resulting in needing to help her move all her stuff and animals out of there.

Her parents are very emotionally abusive, I have witnessed it in person and the aftermath many times previously, hearing her explain through tears/panic attacks what happened. 

She needs to get her horses out of there, and just started a full time job so she will be able to afford board in a couple weeks. She just needs some help in the meantime to get them out of there and get back on her feet.

Please help, every little bit helps. If every one of my followers donated even $1, she’d have enough. If you can’t donate, please signal boost.

Sketch Commissions: OPEN


I want to start using my skills to earn me a little income so I’ve opened up traditional sketch commissions.

Please reblog! I’d really appreciate it!



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